June 24, 2024
Play and Win the Lottery

Play and Win the Lottery

In our blog we don’t usually talk about the lottery game. But when the Christmas holidays come around, both on Google and on social networks we constantly see questions like “where to buy Christmas lottery online”. So for those fans of online casino games, mostly people who are experts on the internet and who know the reality of gambling on the internet, the issue of where to buy or play the lottery or know the price of the National Lottery or know curious facts such as what has been the winning combination more times in the history of the lottery.

On whether it is possible to win the lottery

According to numerous studies and expert opinions, we know for sure that it is almost impossible to consistently win the lottery as the advantage the organiser has is infinitely superior to that of an online casino when offering games such as craps, roulette or slots.

But as we have already seen, although exceptional, the case of Stefan Mandel is a recurring example to explain that it is indeed possible to win the lottery by applying knowledge in economics and mathematics, as this Romanian expert of Jewish origin holds university degrees in both disciplines.

Ask an acute advantage player what he thinks of the lottery and he said AP would probably laugh in his face. You don’t need to be James Grosjean to know that the lottery is strictly for suckers, dreamers and grannies. After all, the odds of winning the grand prize are about 1 in 292 million. To put things in perspective, the probability of being struck by lightning in your lifetime: 1 in 3,000. Fortunately, no one shared this information with Stefan Mandel. Otherwise, he might not have become the world’s winningest lottery player.

A determining factor to at least consider playing the lottery consistently is that although many people think that the lottery is only played on rare occasions and the draws are basically held on weekends and on other very specific occasions, lottery draws are very common in all countries and there are daily draws, both at state level and at the level of the Autonomous Communities… so we can be sure that there is a lottery every day of the week.

That is why it is important to keep track of the lottery draws, the schedules, the countries.

Things to keep in mind when playing the lottery

In order to be familiar with the lottery game and to come to decisions related to whether or not to play the lottery, we must take into account concepts such as the national lottery price and the price of tickets for other local lotteries, as well as the percentage of the proceeds that goes to prizes, or whether a specific amount is reserved for the maximum winning combination.

In any case, excitement is also a word closely related to the lottery game. Waiting for the result of the draw or watching it directly on television is an experience that in a certain sense is similar to playing live roulette and watching the numbers come and go before one of them is finally chosen by the capricious destiny that marks the fall of the ball.

The Christmas Lottery

Obviously, this lottery draw is the most important , but it is also the most emblematic worldwide as it is the one with the longest tradition and has an impressive support from the Spanish government itself, which has made it possible for it to enjoy the favour of the whole of society, which signs up en masse to buy lottery numbers when the months of November and December arrive, although we can also say that you can buy Christmas lottery tickets in the summer months.

Buying lottery tickets on the internet

We have already talked about the Christmas Draw, so we can now explain how to buy Christmas lottery online, either in the mythical establishments to buy lottery live, such as the most popular Administrations in the centre of Madrid, in the Catalan town of Sort… But the question is whether you can buy Christmas lottery online in establishments such as Doña Manolita, the most popular lottery shop in the country.

What is the big secret to winning the lottery?

Relying on skill rather than luck will get you nowhere. Only the documented case of Stefan Mandel that we mentioned at the beginning of the article seems to be an example of a person who dedicated himself to study, and who has achieved good results in up to 14 different lotteries, in at least three countries, winning some 40 million dollars, so if anyone wants to know how to win the lottery, the one to ask is Stefan Mandel.

But, like any good fan of casino games where chance is key and where we seek to minimise the advantage that the dealer or the house usually starts with, a knowledge of mathematics, properly applied, can guarantee a correct approach to the game we want, from table games to any of the roulette types.

Although cases like Mandel’s show that the lottery can be won many times over, the big legal agencies and corporations became suspicious of his moves and sensed that there was more to it than just luck. They implemented a series of rules and regulations, among which they reduced the maximum number of tickets a person could acquire, and some games changed the way they could be won to increase their difficulty, making this “magic formula” impossible to use today.

This lottery player’s successful system was based on using a mathematical formula that gave data on the five numbers most likely to be drawn from a series of lottery numbers from one to forty. Another aspect that prevents winning by playing the lottery is the enormous tax burden on lottery activity in all countries.

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