May 20, 2024
How to get the most out of your Slot Machine Bonus

How to get the most out of your Slot Machine Bonus

Tricks for using slot machine bonuses

Something very important when playing slots online is to find the right bonus. A good bonus can extend the fun and excitement of playing slots, because if you use them well they can allow you to play with a higher level of risk but with more peace of mind.

Online casinos usually offer many types of bonuses to attract new players and also to make them loyal: welcome bonuses, free spins bonuses, weekly promotions… There is a great variety, and most (if not all) of them are good for slots, but there are four that benefit you the most if you play slots online, we explain you which ones in the article The best Casino Bonuses for Slots so we recommend you to take a good look at them.

It is important that more than just letting you go with the promotions that will arrive in your mail as soon as you register in a casino games website, you know how to wait for a promotion that suits you to deposit money or play at that moment.

Another option is to choose your online casino according to the bonus that suits you best, although we recommend that you first investigate well if it is a reliable casino. Take a look at this website specialized in slots where there is information about slot tournaments, progressive slots, more than 2000 different slot games and, what interests us the most in the topic at hand: which casinos offer good welcome bonuses, free spins and no deposit bonuses, which are the bonuses you are most interested in if you are going to play exclusively slots.

Be careful: don’t get emboldened

Yes, being given up to double or triple what you have deposited in an online casino can motivate you to make much bigger bets and go crazy, as if you were in Las Vegas, but it may not be the most advisable. Keep in mind that it’s normal that you think that a bonus for slots is a gift, and that’s exactly what your casino website wants you to think, but actually it’s not giving you a gift but it’s making an investment by giving you that incentive in which your perception of risk before the game is much lower than if you had put all the money in your pocket.

The faster you want to release the funds (inflated by the bonus) the higher your stake will be. Higher than you would bet if you didn’t have the bonus. This is to be avoided. When you take advantage of a promotion or bonus, bet the same way you would if you didn’t have it. This way you ensure responsible gambling.

Read the bonus rules carefully

We already mentioned this in the article about casino bonuses for slots, but it’s worth noting: all the bonuses and promotions that your online casino offers you have small print. ALL OF THEM. Both in the conditions to be able to enjoy them (you may have to deposit a minimum to join the promo, for example), and in the rules to be able to withdraw the money, the winnings (that you make X amount of plays or play X times more than what you have been given). This applies to all types of casino bonuses, whether for slots or other types of play.

Deposit less than you can manage

Except for the welcome bonus, where you can only take advantage of this offer on your first login to the website, if when you are already a user of a page you choose a bonus where you are given, for example, 100% more than what you bet, with a limit of, say, 200 $s, the most tempting thing in this case would be to deposit 200 $s at once, use the bonus and hope that with the winnings of your plays you can release the amount (as we mentioned in the previous section, there are always rules for withdrawing the bonus money).

Well, this strategy may not be very successful, a good trick to make money using a bonus of this type would be to deposit less, say 50 $s. This would free up a 50 $ bonus. We play this bonus of 50 $ and if we can, we withdraw the winnings as soon as we have them, but if there has been no luck, we can take up the promotion again and deposit another 50 $ or 100 $ (remember that in the example the maximum was 200 $) until we can release the money bet and won at some point in the game.

Choose a bonus with a lower wagering requirement

As we discussed in the section “Read the rules of the bonus”, all bonuses have requirements, rules. The most common one is that in order to withdraw the bonus money you have to play the same X times before it can be released.

For example, a bonus with 40X means that you have to play the bonus amount 40 times before you can release it. Knowing this, you will understand that it is better to choose a bonus of, for example, 20X even if the maximum amount of the first one is higher, because it requires you to risk more as well.

The right question to ask yourself would be: what is the use of having a very high bonus if it requires a lot of effort to be able to release it and collect the winnings? The solution then is for you to follow our trick: choose a bonus that has a low and accessible wagering requirement.

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