April 25, 2024
Live Online Roulette: 9 things you want to know

Live Online Roulette: 9 things you want to know

Live Roulette Features

Roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos. It’s easy to play but it can get as complicated as you want depending on the combination of bets you make, and watch the ball roll down to one of the squares, and as the croupier recites “No more” it’s simply exciting.

All that live emotion is lost in the traditional roulette games of online casinos, however there is a type of virtual roulette game that is much more realistic since it is a live broadcast, with real croupier and even multi-camera. 

Below we explain all the details to be taken into account when playing live online roulette: types of live roulette, special and distinctive features, and other things to keep in mind.

The rules of live roulette and casino roulette or online roulette are the same. This does not vary in the type of game. That is, the types of bets are the same and you can make them within a set time (usually up to 60 seconds, but each online casino will tell you which one is theirs), until the dealer says “No more”.

There is no betting table

If you have ever played roulette in a physical casino, you will have noticed that between the rolls and until the dealer pronounces the famous “No more”, the moment of the betting table takes place, where all the players reposition their chips.

All this is omitted in live roulette, where the only thing that is really live is the roulette wheel and the croupier.

No limit to the number of players

In live roulette there is no limit to the number of players per table. As there is no interaction between the croupier and the player, unlike in games such as Black Jack or Baccarat or Poker, there is no limit to the number of players who can participate simultaneously in live roulette.

If we add this to the fact that the game between games is quite fast, it makes live virtual roulette a very profitable game for gaming operators.

You will not be able to see other players’ bets

You can place the bets on the table yourself, but you will not see the bets that the other players are making. All the moves you make in the bets are sent to the server via your Internet connection and are controlled by a computer, so there is no possibility of the croupier making a mistake.

Live Roulette on TV

Some casino brands broadcast roulette games live on television, with presenters supervising the proceedings while professional croupiers drive the wheel.

In this type of live roulette, players make their bets by phone, sms, with the remote control or by Internet.

Live roulette in real casino

Another unusual live roulette option is to join the live action in real physical casinos, rather than in a “studio” casino. That is, with players who are physically playing at the table.

In these casinos, the action is transmitted by means of hand-held cameras. Of course, you will be able to hear the action of the place, but they will not be able to hear you.

live roulette girlThe live roulette croupiers or “dealers” are part of the show of this game. They can chat about their day, about personal matters “whether they are true or not” and joke or make comments about “hot” or “cold” numbers (comments that you should not even take seriously) as they are only required to be silent in the time frame in which the ball is rolling on the wheel.

Usually these conversations are one-way, meaning that only the dealer talks, but some online casinos allow players to chat with them, for example by text message or chat.

If you like a croupier especially, at the end of the session he will announce when he will be online again. They usually work between 2 and 4 turns a day.

Also, if you find the chat feature of live croupiers annoying or distracting, there are several online casino sites that offer the option of live roulette but without croupiers, where the wheel throwing and ball tossing are done automatically.

Recognition software

Once the live croupier has announced the “No more” and has spun the roulette, you can see how he throws the ball in the opposite direction and this wheel around the wheel thanks to a close-up that provides the video transmission.

When the ball stops, the image recognition software in live roulette games picks up the position of the ball and sends the winning number to the online casino software so that it can process all bets.

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