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No application is free

Surely, many of you will have signed up for a free, rectified, allegedly free app. When we register on any web page, we are identifying ourselves, that is, we are telling them who we are , what we are called , what our email is, what our password is (since in some cases, it can reveal part of our personality), which It is our birth date, from where we connect, through which device and in many cases, some other data. Well, with all that information, a website can know us much more than ourselves. And you will wonder, what objective can a web page have in knowing our data and in offering us a free service.

Well, we don’t pay a monetary unit for the service, but if we pay with information and that information represents a monetary unit, which, in some cases, can be considerable. Large companies, governments require the need to know all our movements, our economic capacity, our tastes, our personality, our reaction to a series of circumstances, among many other elements that I do not know.

This information is required by companies, to know what demand exists in the market for a certain product and what the consumer’s reaction to a price change may be. Not only that, they also want to know our personality to know what will be the advertisement or the logo that will most attract the attention of consumers and obviously their economic situation to know their availability at the time of consumption and obviously, their location, to know the offer of a good or service in said location. These and many other variables can be very useful for companies when deciding what products to launch, with what prices, under what conditions, in what places and how much they should put at the service of the consumer.

But governments are probably the ones with the greatest ambition to know us. Well, politics is very dark and it is a professional field that has an enormous relationship with intelligence centers. Politics is what makes up history, always derived from peculiar economic or social situations. But governments, to meet their geostrategic objectives, with other countries, with their citizens or with organizations, require enormous information, before carrying out any action. Imagine that a government decides to intervene in a bank and derived from that intervention, there is a corralito. The government needs to know if that corralito is socially viable.

That is, the government will need to know the reaction of its citizens when the corralito is decreed in a banking entity. With the use of social networks, a BigData analyst, through algorithms, could deliver a detailed report to a government, on what would be the reaction of citizens to a corral of certain characteristics. I have put an exaggerated example, such as the intervention of a banking entity, but we could talk about an increase in the tax burden or an increase or decrease in public spending, we could talk about the involvement in society and in the business environment of diplomatic conflict, etc …

In conclusion, what is clear is that there is a huge demand by large companies and international organizations to know our data and although we do not realize, in a few minutes, we can leave dozens of data, so many that we are not even ourselves conscious. In recent years, a profession is flourishing, that of the BIgData analyst, that agent who through algorithms is able to predict a series of results, conclusions or circumstances, based on data. But another profession is also emerging that explains why our data has a monetary value, it is the data broker. This agent is a data merchant because the data that you deliver to the applications are sold. The one that markets with them, as if it were a good more, is the data broker. As it is completely legal, nobody can do anything to avoid it, since every time someone registers on a website or application, that person accepts the terms and conditions of the registration and if in that contract he agrees, that you deliver your data in a way free, you must respect the agreement, if not, you should not have accepted it.


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