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We celebrate Grandparents Day with technology

July 26 is a day of celebration and tribute to those who talk to the television, who tell us “take advantage now, your parents are not there”, and remind us to take a jacket, just in case it cools. Indeed, we talk about Grandparents Day, a holiday more than deserved.

Let’s stop time for a moment, and stop to think about the following combination: family, eternal days and schools miles away from homes. Accounts do not come out, even for quantum physics professionals. The solution? Ask grandparents for help, who are always there when they are needed, and let’s say they need them a lot.

It will be enough to send them a WhatsApp to prepare and go to pick up the little ones to the nursery. Yes, you read correctly: WhatsApp. Grandparents are already up to date and take advantage of technology as much as their children and grandchildren.

Beyond the immediate communication, which favors chat applications, technology brings much more to the elderly such as fall arrest, emergency alerts or smart walkers. Within the Horizon 2020 program, supported by the European Union, very beneficial initiatives for the elderly are promoted, among which the following stand out.

The proposal of this study was to examine the ability to balance and physical activity of an elderly person in their own home. After months of work, they managed to create wearables specialized in detecting falls and possible incidents related to mobility in the domestic unit.

The smart walker is here, his name is LEA (Lean Elderly Assistant) and it comes from SILVER. Among the characteristics of this model, the recognition of the terrain, which avoids the collision with obstacles, and an autonomous navigation system, which allows the walker to approach the user if necessary.

There is a robot capable of automatically learning user habits. Yes, even if it seems like a fantasy, it’s real. This small machine is qualified to help the elderly in their daily routines. Thanks to GrowMeUp, the independence of the elderly is encouraged in their day-to-day lives.


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