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3D printing reaches the world of fashion

3D printing, considered as the tool that will enable the next industrial revolution, seems to have infinite applications. Now its use could also extend to the world of fashion.

The 3D printing has gone from being a promising and innovative technology to become a reality in our daily lives, it is becoming largely many sectors. Considered by some authors as the Industrial Revolution 2.0, its impact has reached space research, medicine or aeronautics, to name just a few of the fields where it could be applied.
What was not expected of 3D printing is that it will reach other areas perhaps more conventional. However, its groundbreaking applications seem to have no limits and have even reached such “traditional” sectors as the fashion world. Although it seems science fiction, the truth is that the first dresses made by 3D printing have already been designed and manufactured.

The person responsible for this innovative technology has reached the catwalks is none other than Francis Bitonti , a designer who believes that it is possible for haute couture and 3D printing to start a fruitful journey together.

The first dress created by 3D printing was manufactured after 400 hours of work by the well-known MakerBot printers, through the use of flexible filaments, an innovative piece that will soon be available to anyone who can enjoy these 3D printers.
Bitonti’s work was exhibited only a few days ago at the Design Night event, organized at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.

As they explained in GigaOm, the parade caused surprises and smiles for its originality, and it seems that the designer’s initiative has led to the birth of a couture fashion that relies on new technologies.

The advances of 3D printing and its utilities in various sectors seem to have no limits. Will the day come when we will see normally on the catwalks dressed thanks to 3D printers?

And even, being a little more ambitious, could we imagine printing our own clothes at home, once we acquired the design of the dresses through the net? The possibilities of 3D printing are enormous, so much that we cannot limit its use and applications only from a commercial point of view. Because the manufacture of textile products and clothing could change completely with the arrival of 3D printers.

The Bitonti initiative is undoubtedly another step for this innovative technology to be permanently installed in our lives. A curious project with some “weird” dresses, but that opens the way for the future relationship between 3D printing and the world of fashion.


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